Come along with me to meet Jack in a bedtime story that will take you on an adventure where various characters will come to life right before your eyes. Jack is a rabbit who enjoys most days being alone. After a long day at work, he couldn't wait to eat his favorite meal and then settle down for the night with hopes of no disturbance but on this day, Jack learns a valuable lesson. You'll meet Brown Bear, Mr.Owl, Charlie Raccoon and Sylvester Cricket in this story and they will warm your heart.



This book is about opening up to change and realizing that though we may not share the same background or cultures, but if we just give someone a chance we may realize that we are more alike than you imagined. Simply because we don't look alike doesn't mean we can't enjoy each other's company sometimes. What makes us different is what draws us together.



A Bedtime Story for Jack

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White Glove Service
  • ISBN: 9780692531242

    Format: Hardcover

    Publication Date: 12/21/2020

    Page Count: 32

    Category: Juvenile Nonfiction | Adventure & Adventurers

    Language: English